Pivetworld: Pivetworld is a place for pivot animators, they are a GREAT community for all sort of people such as: Graphics designers, ANIMATORS, and a whole bunch on other stuff. If you are into anything relating graphics, or animating then check them out.

SLGPRO: SLGPRO stands for Social League Gaming, They host tournaments often, and are there for social gaming.

FALLOUTWARGASM:FallOutWargasm is a zombie site, the site is an amazing way to converse about any zombie related topics.

GameSponsorz: GS is a game sponsoring site, they will advertise all people who seem like they could bring in lots of traffic.

Currently, non of the sites are paid sponsors, They do not give me any paid benifets, they reward me in other stuff such as websites, emblems, logo's ect.


I am currently looking for sponsorship, if you see that i fit your requirements feel free to email me. The email will be listed below. I am currently looking for sponsorships for the reason that i cannot afford to travel to a lot of tournaments, so i am stuck doing tournaments around Spotsylvania Virginia. I will be entering the D.C. MLG Tournament, here soon, and want to support some people.

Why i should be sponsored

I feel like i have a lot to offer to my sponsors. I play great, and i play for the team. If i get sponsored and join a team, i wont just sponsor you for me, i will sponsor you for the whole team. I play for the team. I go for kills, but i will help out the team before caring for kills. I rack up as much assists as i do kills. I have around 700 subscribers on my youtube, and i can, and will bring in tons of views for your website, and sales for your merchandise. I go to tournaments often, and I'm active on tons of websites that host online tournaments. I advertise my sponsors both online, and on the gaming field. I will be making custom shirts here soon with my sponsors on them.